Miller " Q "  high performance  heads 

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I'd like to give credit to all the people and  companies that have helped me be successful with my performance needs 


Companies in red are also current/ past customers

MRC Racing                 Mel Miller                              Everything BRP related

Kinsler Racing                Brad                                      Fuel systems and Motec help

Tuned By Shane T          Shane Techlenburg              on site training and remote  tech help

J G Motorsports              Simon                                   Motec factory help

Aerocharger                    Brad Riley                            Aerocharger turbos

Jackson Racing               Don Jackson                       Rotrex distrubutor and tech help

​Rotex Austria                  Gerald Mayrhuber               Engine plant tech help, his Dad was on the 947 design team.

Rossier Engineering       Joe Benner and Charlie       pipes and big bore kits and tech help

Skat Trak                        Glen                                     Magnum pumps, impellers and pump cones

Crank Works                   Phil                                      Stroker cranks, rods , bearings ,and rebuilds

Jet Draft Racing              Dan O'keefe                        4 Stroke performance and race parts

MSD Ignitions                  Don                                     local tech help and sales

T1 Race development    Ryan                                    M & W dual ignitiion systems

Bell Intercoolers              Corky Bell                            Custom Intercoolers

Injector Dynamics           Paul Yah                              EFI injectors and tech help

Land and Sea Dynos     Dick Locke & Ryan               Dyno tech help and Sales

Crank Shop                    Larry Audette                        Rotax performance parts and tech help

Pro Charger                   Tech people                           sales and tech help

Green Hulk                     Jerry Gaddis                         Performance parts

Sea Doo Australia          Les Cooke                             tech help and parts

Novi Carbs                     Tim                                         Carbs and tech help

Micro Touch                    Gary                                      Rotax rev limiters & add on boxes & tech help

Coffman pipes                Gary                                       Performance exhaust systems and tech help

BRP Canada                   Claude                                  Master tech help

Holly NOS                       tech people                           Nitrous tech help and sales

Aaen Performance         Olav Aaen                              Performance tuning  class 

Sea Doo School             tech people                            Sea Doo tech school / 2 years

FAST                              David Karpik                           Snowmobile performance

Starting Line Perf.          Jason Houle                           1200 4 stroke tech help

G T Perf.                        Garrett Thompson                  Performance help / tuning help[

                     Some  of the above people have retired or moved on , Thank You for your help.

                                          MONTHLY UPDATE

 July 2024 :  New stock of pistons are here, but still waiting on the 2 smaller sizes as Wiseco had to replace them, due first week of July. We have both new and old in stock, 100 total.   Cases are finished and available.  Cylinders are ported and are ready for new sleeves and final boring. Mel Miller  porting has been  scanned and duplicated with our CNC machines . See pictures under Miller parts.   

    Stroker spacer plates, sleeves  and stroker cranks and rods as well as crank parts are in stock.  Build your own from our stock of performance parts

​New price on  Rotax 600 sand drag ATV

2015 Sand Drag Racing

1970's K.C. Speedboat Assn. Hi-point

Welcome to Ron's Performance Shop. This website is developed to share some of the performance projects that I have designed and built over the years. I  started working on some of these projects 40 years ago.

Mel Miller, MRC and I have been machining parts and working on performance projects for 10+ years.  Much of his performance knowledge is incorporated into my builds.

My racing experience dates back to 1963 during my early days at the MO-KAN dragstrip near Joplin, MO. My projects include performance modifications to ATV's, watercraft, and snowmobiles, such as adding nitrous, turbo and superchargers, and MOTEC electronic fuel injection.  Each project is started with a list of specific performance goals that we intend to accomplish.  Currently, a couple of these are for sale. Hopefully this information will help you in the building of your own performance projects or maybe one of the machines for sale will fit your needs.

Over the years , I've had information from 6 dyno's for various projects plus it's been a  valuable comparison experience. They are my own Land and Sea, Millers Land and Sea, Rossier's engine dyno , High Performance's chassis dyno, G T Performance's chassis dyno and Dyno Tech Research" engine dyno.  So, the information I have in the web site is based on actual power numbers and many contain the actual dyno reports.

Some of the items for sale aren't yet priced and if you are interested, e -mail me the item and I'll see that you get first chance to purchase.

Many of the pictures and articles are best viewed using a laptop/ desktop. Some pictures can be enlarged for better viewing.

For the love of speed

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