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172 HP at 7100 RP

  With a Rossier pipe and 46 mm carbs on premium fuel 

and a stock ECU

                                                                 ​SOLD  JAN 2019

​Here's a chance to own a Rossier performance engine dyno tested by Joe Benner at Rossier

I first personally met Joe in 2002 at Rossier Engineering in Plover , WI. Joe also came to my shop in Shawnee, KS  about 2008. I purchased his remaining inventory of  watercraft performance parts when they quit production of the 947 big bore kits. It was later sold to Brad Nickerson.

An honest 172 HP at 7100 rpm built and tested in 2002 set up for rec riding with premium fuel.

                                                      See Dyno info and pictures below

Crankshaft has been rebuilt and has about 25 hours on it. The rods have .015 end play and everything looks and feels fine. Cylinders are honed and in excellent condition and measure 3.5855 or 91.07 mm. Pistons and other parts are available from Brad Nickerson  at mcycleski@aol.com . 92.45 pistons are also available.

   Includes a 1999 ignition with oil pump, which I always ran, a rear flywheel,Rossier intake manifolds with Renaldo / Carbon Tech reeds and nitrous nozzles ( for  those really close races)  Rossier exhaust manifold and Rave valves.

   Engine has been in storage for about 8 years.

             $1000 plus UPS freight 

Available now

​$1000 plus UPS