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Crank parts 

    The crankis the most critical part of a performance engine. The Miller designed crank has enough  strength to handle 300 HP. They are produced by Crank Works of Tempe Arizona,  one of Mel's long time suppliers.

     The +4 and +8 stroker cranks are made from 8620 heat treated billet steel, and use a 2 mm larger center shaft that is keyed and welded . The rod pins are also 2 mm larger and welded. The center counterbalance gear is keyed plus our balance shaft weights are welded in place for the utmost in durability.  A custom balance for your exact piston weight is also included.

     Miller designed the cranks to protect all the time and money you have invested in ported cases and cylinders  which are expensive and  hard to reproduce .

     These cranks are normally in stock ready to ship. The extra parts you see below can be used to build your special crank and/or for any needed repairs which usually only  happens from water damage.

This is something you never want to see after putting a lot of time and money into your build. Not only the crank but most likely your case is damaged too.

   The top crank is one of our stroker cranks made from heat treated billet steel.

.In Millers words , these cranks and rods are many times stronger than the stock cranks and rods and will hold up to the rigors of racing without breaking.. 

            Stroker cranks 

from left to right +8  +4  +6  +2

distorted picture , will replace soon.


BRP factory new bearings and seals  are no longer available 

We stock Koyo and NTN  bearings   5 per stroker crank         $ 46 ea.

BRP factory outer seals, no longer available from BRP   2 per engine    , 2 sets available     $ 100.00 per set

P2044 Wossner stroker rod set of 2        $260.00 per set of 2

CWI Pro rod each  , ultimate for racing    $ 490.00 per set of 2

    same with 4  parts listed below       $670.00 per set of 2 includes  listed parts below

Stroker crank pins   $30 each

Stroker crank pin bearing    $30 each

Stroker rod thrust washers , set of 2      $20.00

Stroker piston pin bearings    $20 each

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PRICES:                                                                   Updated 5/23/22

+2   from stock parts        $1338 sold this one , CWI price increase 

                     next one is $1698

+4    billet steel, new        $3050  two at this price

+6    from stock parts       $1585   one at this price

+8    billet steel new         $3450    two at this price

CWI Pro rods in stock , set of 2 with crank bearings, pins and washers and  top end bearings.                       $ 644 per set of 2

The ultimate connecting rod is the CWI Pro rod. It also is 8620 heat treated billet steel and in Millers words is at least 3 times stronger than any other forged rod.

A crank assembly should never break and ruin your cases and cylinders ---- and  lose the  race.