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2013   Class winner, Waverunner Rodeo, Lake Ozarks, watercraft timed buoy race

          This was the first time in the water for this Motec EFI conversion. It didn't run perfect , but good enough to win the race and $500.00

2009   Lake Ozarks Shootout watercraft class winner

                                                            1999 XPL at 68 MPH

2002   Lake Ozarks Shootout Watercraft class winner

2000   First snowmobile at KCIR dragstrip. 1995 SkiDoo Formula III. Won heads up race against Honda CBR900R motorcycle. et of 11.89 @ 105.3mph

1993   Won watercraft speed run  with a 91 XP at the very first Lake of the Ozarks shootout at 59 mph

1988   Drove the very current model first sit-down watercraft at Lake of the Ozarks, a 1988 Seadoo. One of 3 sold by Liberty Cycle. They were a SkiDoo Snowmobile dealer. Top Speed 33mph.

1977 Hi Point Driver at KC Speedboat

1976   Hi Point Driver overall, KC Speedboat Association     Top Speed 61 mph

​​​1964   Mr. MoKan Dragway championship et  of 14.99 @ 89.98 mph   (I was 17 years old)