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PTO and Mag cylinders compression

PTO and Mag cylinder leak down

Spare Parts

3.94 sec pass at 300ft track. May 2015

This is the longer wheel-base ATV which the engine is currently in, and was ran at the track in its stock condition for video

Original short frame chassis that was ran at Planet Sand

91mm Bore, 76mm Stroke, Rotary Valve Twin‚Äč, 200 hp

990 Rotax Racing Engine          Sold Engine only in  2015     $ 1500

                                                   Frame was not mine.

I purchased the Crank Shop Rotax engine in 2003 for my personal sand drag ATV project. this engine and parts are currently available from them. The engine is rated at 200 HP on methanol or race gas.

I installed it into my  custom drag frame that proved to be too short for the massive torque it has. However, it was raced in 2005 in Louisiana at the Planet Sand Drags championship. We ran for the 2 cylinder championship and made a 3.578 pass at 81mph and lost by .001 sec.

Two years later the engine was installed in a much longer and heavier customers  frame. For extra power, we used a Motec EFI box, MSD Ignition, 50mm Throttle bodies and dual fuel injectors on each cylinder and topped it off with a 60 HP nitrous system. We made 200 HP at the rear wheels, see dyno sheet.

At our first race, the fuel pump died and the engine was trashed. We replaced ALL the internal parts along with a new crankcase. We had the cylinders re-nikasiled, so the engine is all new except for the cylinder castings.

In 2007, the new engine was started and carefully broken in at partial throttle and was placed in a controlled environment storage as the down economy killed sand drag racing.

In 2015,  it was pulled from storage. The fuel injection and MSD ignition was removed and replaced with the normal magneto ignition and Lectron carbs. At Grain Valley Sand drag track, we ran a 3.942 time on the second run.