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In 2006, it was converted to a sand drag machine. It has seen many trips to Little Sahara and Atoka, OK and Grain Valley, MO.

The 1998 Banshee started out as a high performance, 120hp sand dune runner and made many trips to Little Sahara in Oklahoma. 

Full Specs:                     SOLD 2015           $ 3000                                      

1997 Rotax 583 Rotary Valve 2- Cylinder Snowmobile Engine
Crank Shop Pipes and Trail Porting
15.5 Compression Ratio for Methanol
Lectron carbs by Dennis Packer
Micro Belmont 4 Post Billet Primary Clutch
Polaris Secondary Clutch
100 HP Progressive Controlled Nitrous System
Nano Nitrous 900 LB Nitrogen Bottle Assist

1989 Banshee frame
+12" Swing Arm
Aluminum Wheelie Bar
12 Paddle Skat Trak Ripper Rears
Smooth Buff Skat Trak Fronts

EGT 3 Channel, RPM and 2 EGT's
Records for 3-5 minutes and plays back

w/o Nitrous 4.5's sec @ 76 mph
with 50 HP Nitrous 4.0's sec @ 80 mph

ATV ,sand drag ATV, or Asphalt racing. With 6 foot wheelie bar. Runs 4.0"s at 78 MPH on nitrous on sand .