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                                                                     INSTALL RECOMMENDFATIONS

Compare piston weights to your pistons to maintain proper engine balance. The proper balance weight for crank balancing includes the piston with pin , pin bearing ,  rings and clips.  Above weights are bare piston.

Piston clearance: Rec Riding .006    Racing  .008      wear limit    .010 on new pistons

Racing: if you need to change pistons for the next race, use .008 clearance and go for the win.

36 to one premix is recommended for rec riding, 32 to one for high performance  and 30 to one for racing.

Injection oil tank break in :  add 2 oz extra oil per gallon of fuel  for first tank full , 2 to 3 sec WOT,  then 1 oz per gallon for second tank full

vary the throttle, no long WOT pulls until after second tank full, and if you like to run WOT for long distances , be sure you're running a little rich with extra oil .  Using EGT's and keeping temps in the mid 1000's ae a good way to tune as well as plug readings .


                                          Also, moisture left in an engine is the #1 killer of cranks  and bearings.

Mel Millers recommended oils:

     1.    NEO ,  T2 oil   Miller formula

     2.    Klotz  KL200  Techniplate

     3.    Ams Oil        Dominator

From my boosted Miller 1165 , +8 stroker

   hardly any wear in 3 years of running

.0002 wear on sleeves and .002 on pistons

​    Coating and hone marks still visible

                                                                        BIG BORE SLEEVES

We have 4 different big bore sleeves that will fit all  Miller Engines from a stock bore up to a  93.83

The most popular piston sizes are     92.46     92.84      93.07    93.56       93.83

Stock sleeves are 3.765 OD .  92.46 is largest size for rec riding.

 Stock sleeves are very thin and ask for  special boring instructions.

Big Bore sleeves are 3.865 and 93.07 is largest acceptable piston for racing , 93.56  for rec riding

947R and 1194R triple port  sleeves have a larger O.D. for  the largest piston. 93.83

You must port all new sleeves  to match your old sleeves and cylinders and machine the top flange 

Sleeves need .003 / .004 press fit.  I can furnish  machining and installation instructions.  

PRICE per sleeve is $350 each   R type sleeves may be slightly higher. 

​                                                      ALL ARE  IN STOCK         AVAILABLE NOW

           PISTONS and SLEEVES



    The Miller designed big bore sleeves are produced by L A Sleeve Co, another long term supplier of Mel's. The steel alloy used shows almost no wear after hours and hours of hard running. See the pictures in Piston section of sleeves from my supercharged 2 stroke after 40 hours of boosted testing. The sleeves will only need .0002 / .0003 of honing to clean and true up. That's only one third of a thousands of an inch. The original hone marks are still visible.

   I keep a stock of big bore sleeves  that will service most all the 951 big bore Miller engines. Miller  has instructed me on the boring and fitting of sleeves and pistons.



We chose to increase the size of all the pistons for 2 reasons, one is to separate our new ones ( different part number ) from the old style and second to give you a replacement piston of a slightly larger size to compensate for  the material removed when honing a cylinder.

Example, the old 92.83 will become a 92.84, which will be .01 mm larger or .0004 , that's tenths not thousands. That's generally the amount your bore will increase when honing for clean up. Pistons are otherwise interchangeable with the old style.

                                            MILLER   PISTON SIZES,  WEIGHTS AND COSTS

Old size    Old weight     New  size   New weight                            

92.45           571 gr.              92.46           529 gr.     Coated Piston prices are $ 250  with free UPS.

92.83           579 gr.              92.84           537 gr.                       

93.06           552  gr.               93.56            546 gr 

93.82           607 gr.              93.83           547 gr.     Old style pistons are available while  supply lasts . 

                                                                                 Also have a few good used pistons of various sizes                  


                  Bare piston weights.   Add 158 gr. for complete piston with upper bearing.



         Need pistons or sleeves for your big bore engine ? 

   Premium Ceramic Coatings by Wiseco  with  Low Friction coatings on sides.

   Plus new performance  features Miller added to  selected engines and  are now on  my new pistons .

                  Contact Wiseco  for additional  coating information.

                    Miller used coated pistons on all his engines.

                         100  pistons in all  sizes are in stock

​                                     No preorder needed

.       Order the size you need from our inventory when you need them.


 Top performance and good wear need proper piston dimensions. Miller kept a few piston mods to himself to be one-up on everyone else. I found a few different dimensions and specifications on his race boat and race engine pistons . I have included these  performance upgrades on all the new pistons I'm selling. Look at the 1165 pistons below, as these have most of the new improvements,  and see how well these have held up.