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Data log from California in late 2019

                                                                         MILLER 1200 XPL INFO


The engine is a very limited 1194R BRP factory race engiine. It was only supplied to Sea Doo racers and delivered in a crate. It was never installed into an actual hull at the factory. The engine had limited success as the weak spot was the factory  connecting rods. There are a handfull of these engines left  probably setting in back rooms somewhere around the world.

   I've only seen 2 .  The one in Millers boat,    ( now my XPL )   has been heavily modified by Miller to bring up the power and durability to today's racing standards. The components Mel used are the same parts you can view and purchase from us.

   Ok , lets talk specifications:   The stroke is 86 mm ( +8mm over stock ) , pistons are 93.81mm. The cylinders and head is different than a normal 947 engine   See pictures below.. Mel had 2 heads custom  machined ( I have both )  and they hold a custom  42 cc dome for a very high  compression ratio   ( 195 lbs of  cranking compression ). The cylinders do fit a standard 951 case and use billet +8 mm stroker crank.   We run C14+ fuel and it feeds through  dual 56 mm billet throttle bodies then through a special high flow intake manifold and finally through modified Rinaldo reed cages with Millers custom Carbon Fiber reeds.  The air flow rate is more than doubled from a stock engine. Mel used a flow bench to the design and build.    Engine  fuel injection control unit is by AEM, and soon will be replaced with a Motec M800 as I am more familiar with Motec programming. Exhaust is twin Factory short pipes which have been shortened more and reshaped   by Mel to achieve rpm's of 8050 to 8100.    The dual spark plug ignition is an M & W Pro14 by T-1 Race Development  and sends 460 volts to the 4 BRP stock  DI ignition coils  to fire off the C14+  at this high compression ratio. There is no charging system and we run 3 lithium Shorai batteries that give us about 45 minutes of run time.. The power goes through a 152 mm pump using a 16-21 Swirl impeller and an auto drop nozzle.  The boat weighs 480 lbs dry. See video and pics below.

                     Time from 6 to 60 is 3.19  seconds with a top speed of 72 in racing trim.  What a thrill !

                    Miller's race driver was able to post a 2.95 time at sea level in California just before I purchased it.

                                       This boat is quicker and faster than any unmodified 4 stroke.



Brandon Warner was  only person that raced Mel's craft.

They worked hard to get to the first turn first. Watch the video to see how well they do.

​Brandon's  View of the race. See if you can tell where he spins out. No one is close enough to overtake him.

                  6 to 60 in 3.19  seconds

GPS MPH                                   Data log micro seconds

   6.2                                                  75.161

 60.19                                                78.350

Ron Wosel at the Lake of the Ozarks

   Turn sound on, engine has that perfect growl.

   I let off throttle when GPS hits 60 mph, a little over 3 seconds !

The high humidity in Missouri does slow it a little.