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Engine will ship truckline in a wooden crate and the Coffman pipe will ship in a cardboard box via UPS 

For Sale  Miller 1105cc performance engine

Without pipe and carbs           $ 6150

With Coffman pipe                  $ 7150

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     The 1105 Mel Miller engine makes 190 hp with a Coffman pipe on his dyno.  Miller, Crank Works and I  completely  rebuilt the engine recently. It  can include a Coffman pipe with oxygen sensor bung.  See Pictures and descriptions below. It is in the condition as shown, ready to ship with mounts , less carbs, pipe optional.


      Miller engines are the most powerful  you can buy and, they hold their value.

In fact the value of Miller engines have increased dramatically in the last year for two reasons. One is the new GP class and the other is  Miller no longer builds complete engines, but will continue to re-bore cylinders and furnish pistons and other parts.​  Miller has recently commissioned my company, C & R Mfg Inc to build 951 heads, reed spacers , crankcase coolers and domes of various sizes. Parts will be available for these engines .

                It's not a Miller engine unless it has these markings

SOLD  11-06-2019.

Coffman pipe available   $ 1000

     Long neck for XPL

Great for the new GP racing class

​or  a " Performance Sleeper " craft