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            This is a complete premium package that will test performance on most all recreational vehicles.

       The chassis unit will handle WHEEL performance for motorcycles, Side x Sides , ATV's.and Scooters.

The water brake units will handle ENGINE performance for most Side x Sides, Snowmobiles and Watercraft.

            This package comes with many  of the accessories you'll need / want  for the  Land and Sea units I have.

The Chassis unit will handle 600 + HP and the engine dyno will handle 600 HP , all dependent on wheel traction and the 

                                                         available water volume and pressure.

I will provide the successful buyer with a new copy of the Pro software , as it's non transferable, along  with a Land and Sea  one years support and maintenance agreement .  A   $ 2290 value.

Plus , it comes with a notebook on set up.

I'll start the  listing with  the chassis wheel unit and explain how most all the accessories work together. I'l list all the current part numbers and  TODAY'S  CURRENT PRICES  as we progress.

054-800-1K  16" diam x 50 " chassis roll inertia only unit, comes with these goods  from the factory:

                     Pro data computer                                   value  1995

                     Inductive RPM sensor                                          115

                     28 channel harness                                              600

                     temperature sensor                                               80

                                                                All above included in factory price                         $ 11, 950   

Additional options that I have and you will want / need:

XXX-XXX  9" water brake for supplying a load to the chassis unit,                                    2495

430-434   RPM pick up sensor for the brake                                                                       115

430-310    Automated servo water load valve                                                                   1095

                2 HP Grainger pump , pressure valve, hoses , ect.                                             600

Above allows for loaded plus inertia chassis pulls with RPM,Torque and HP along with one  temperature reading.

The options listed below are necessary for measuring and tuning for best performance. The most important unit  is the weather station, which automatically displays calculated  power to the dynometer industry standard. It also allows you to tune in different weather, temperature, and elevations and still see the same corrected power numbers.

Most of these sensors will also  be used on boosted engines.

430-186     AFR / Lambda   ratio module     must have for tuning           1695

430-465     weather station            explained above                                  495

430-350     BSFC transducer kit to measure fuel use                                795

950-065     Fuel hydrometer kit to test the fuel                                          145

430-443     EGT kit with 4 probes  for tuning                                             455

435-150     0 to 150 pressure transducer for fuel pressure                       175

435-022     -12 to 22 PSIG sensor  Have 2 for vacuum/ boost                  350

430-456     air temp thirmister for boosted air temps                                   60

430-458     RTO air temp probe  Have 2  for intercooler performance      490

430-459     RTO liquid temp probe for coolant or fuel temps                     195

The items listed below are used in testing the power directly from an engine, which is where you should start the tuning procedure to

determine where in the power band the engine makes the most power. This is necessary for all belt driven side x sides, snowmobiles and  watercraft to be able to match the final drive rpms to the highest power area of the engine.

100-112       Sea Doo pump adapter to water brake unit                             800

100-108     Watercraft torque arm                                                              500

XXX-XXX     9" old style water brake have 2 , 1 is on the chassis unit       2000 each.                                               

970-709     9" Torrid Water Brake   250+ Hp   new style                             2495

970-719     9" Torrid siamese brake 500+ Hp  newer style                         8295

                  The above unit is new in box , never used.

970-007     0 to 1000Lbs torque beam for above , also new                       895

602-410     Torrid outlet hose                                                                       149

602-212     Torrid inlet hose                                                                         189

XXX-XXX Grainger second pump/ tank to cool the engine                          600

In addition to all the above, In order to supply top service to customers , I have purchased a supply of spare parts that will allow you to immediately make any needed repairs.   I'll only list the most valuable ones . There are too many to list all . 

970-392     30 mm 4 degree taper Torrid rotor and hub      new                              695

540-464     spare  Siamese arbor shaft                             new                                495

970-498     Torrid single hub                                              new                                695

430-310     Servo auto  load valve spare                                                                1095

430-341     computer data box   ( the main brain )             rebuilt                           1695

Thought we were done didn't you ?

To make all this work at your location , you need to have a way to set it up that it's convenient to use. With buying the complete package,  I will include the overhead beam, the printer,and all the wiring as it shows in the pictures. There is also a bracket on the wall close to the beam for calibrating the load cells on each water brake. I will also include the calibration weights.  My boom assembly was custom built here and sells for  $6000 at Land and Sea. I also have a set of 2 Peltor Power Com  headphones I'll include to communicate while in the dyno room,     Total $7000 , all at no cost when buying the complete package..

All added up , this complete dyno testing unit would sell at today's prices for just above $ 50,000, and  all the electrics , sensors, software ect are  current to  what they sell today. If you have a serious interest,  you can call Land and Sea to confirm what I have purchased over the years.

I'm asking half price or $25,000 for the complete package   including the new software and maintenance agreement.

I would consider selling the packages separated into  the chassis unit and engine unit at a 10% premium including new software and the maintenance for both packages.  I'll provide the $600 engine stand  to whoever buys the complete or engine  package.  If you don't want everything ,do a print screen and  make a list and I'll price it separately ,  it  won't be at half price  but feel free to make a reasonable offer.    I'll sell any other items left over after both  packages are  sold .   You should purchase the complete package at half price, look over everything and sell what you don't want or need  on ebay. I have seen a lot of parts sell for about 75% of list prices. I have a list of people that want to buy parts such as an absorber, water valve, spare control box , ect and I'll provide that list if you buy everything.


Question ??    Prefer  e-mail   or daytime phone   913 441 4120  ask for Ron Wosel

Pictures and a sample dyno report below



Below is  an example of a report showing the most important data. You have a choice of what data goes on each page . You can add pages as needed. In addition to rpm ,hp ,and torque , I added Engine temp, Water temp, Intake air temp,Fuel pressure, Pipe pressure and Boost. The graph lines print very light and do not show up well when scanning. Some have been highlighted. There are additional items that you may want to add such as : TPS , EGT temps, air temps, humidity, ect.   This pull was made  in 2010, using E85 fuel and the power was taken at the pump. It's probably 10% higher at the crank. The graph pretty much tells the whole story on the engine. Note that I use Lambda instead of air fuel ratios as Lambda 1.00  is always the stoichiometric value, regardless of the type of fuel.So an air fuel ratio of 12.5, which is a good ratio for WOT can be converted to Lambda by dividing 14.7 ( the Stiochiometric value of gasoline)    into 12.5 which is .85 Lambda, and you generally want to run slightly rich when boosted as you see here,.

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