Prior to the turbo installation, the engine was updated with Weisco forged pistons, Carillo rods, dual valve springs, and an MSD adjustable rev limiter. All the old parts are included and are in excellent condition.

Dual injectors feed the engine through a custom intake manifold, designed for the XPL hull. Additional injectors are included for E85 fuel.

There are many pictures of the construction, as well as a list of all parts. Also I have 4" notebook documenting everything about the build.

So, why have I let this craft set so long ??

Just after getting it running and on the water , I was just starting on the 947R engine with Mel Miller . He had a long list of mods for me to do to the XPL for the setup of the considerably more powerful engine. So I put the 1203 on hold for a year to get all this done and do water testing and all the little things that go along with a big change.  And , since Mel is a 2 stroke ONLY, guy,  we started working on the idea of  2 stroke EFI and the 1203 went into storage.

  Also, from the water time I had, plus my experience with EFI, I wanted to use a Motec unit on the 1203 for better control of the turbo lag but I didn't have the time to add that with all my other projects. The 1203 does run decent as you can tell by the test tank runs.

2002 Seadoo 1203 xpl -    SOLD   JUNE 2019

Engine was purchased new from BRP, an Aerocharger kit was developed for 210 HP, then upgraded for 450 HP.

Scroll below to see 55 pictures of the build project

Kansas city area                     contact:

See Dyno Report by DynoTech Research below

BRP 1200 4 stroke engine with Aerocharger Turbo and Bell Intercooler
RXP 159mm pump with 15/24 4 Blade Impeller 

                             Watch videos in test tank at 8 lbs boost on Rev limiter

This engine was one of the first five production 1200cc engines BRP produced and is from the same lot as the one tested by Dyno Research, and you can also find this data on their site. 

I also ran a dyno test on the engine stock form as well as after designing and building a custom intake and exhaust to fit the watercraft. It made 130 HP stock as advertised and 148 HP with the improved intake and exhaust. 

The engine weighs 159 lbs complete with turbo and the hull has been in storage 11 of its 15 years and is in excellent condition. 

It has only seen the water about 6 times since being built. It has less than 20 hours on it.

The test tank videos were in October 2015 and the watercraft has been in storage since then. The compression tests were taken just after, in late 2015.