​​                                                             PORTED CYLINDERS and CASES

Here at C & R Mfg., we have scanned Millers latest and best  porting  spects in both cases and cylinders  which have been flow bench tested and ran on his in house dyno to create maximum power. This has been an ongoing project for Mel and his latest engines have produced more power than the  earlier ones. The HP of his latest personal1194 engine was estimated at 270 HP using his fuel flow gauges from the dyno and comparing to earlier dyno runs. Our 5 axis CNC machines  can accurately reproduce his latest  precise  workmanship for maximum performance.  I doubt if anyone else has the equipment to flow and dyno test their porting skills like Miller did.  

   We will also slightly enlarge the crankshaft area in the case  to allow the use of larger diameter , stronger crankshaft that can be stroked up  to 88 mm or  ( +10 mm stroke ). 

   Cylinder porting is needed to open up the intake area to fed the big bore pistons as the larger sleeves will reduce the size of the stock intake channels. The more fuel you can efficiently burn , the more power you'll make.  

We are very picky about choosing cases and cylinders to port. Cases need to be 2001 or newer with the 3 gussets above the mag area. Cylinders from 1998 and newer , in good condition can be used. We serial number each case half and the cylinders when received and use a log sheet to record all operations. 

This is my Miller built  supercharged  1165 cc +8 stroker that has seen about 200 gallons of C16 fuel and boost levels of 3 to 12 lbs.. I was pleasantly happy , but not surprised ,  to see very minimal wear. Sleeves had .0002 ( two ten thousands ) wear.. Pistons had .002  ( two thousands ) of shinkage after 3 years and about 40 hours of hard running and testing. This shows how durable Miller designed parts are..

  Proper break in is required .

Spacers on both top and bottom of the cylinders are required on stroker engines to gain space for the extra stroke length. They are water jet cut at our plant and match the shape of the  ported engines perfectly. Sizes are available for all strokes.

                   Cost  for both    $ 250

Stroker spacers

           Check out 3 years of  wear

Here are several cases and cylinders . The lower set are 2 of 4 the patterns I received from Miller that we can  CNC reproduce.  Some have been machined , some not yet. .The one unique head as well as sleeve and cylinder  is for an 1194R triple port engine, same as in the Miller XPL that I have.

These are highly recommended  for all   RACING STROKER   engines to keep the cylinder and head solidly assembled to the case top.

12 mm diameter 17-4 stainless studs and nuts    $ 360

  case and cylinder machining required  $ 260

       Torque nuts to  50 ft lbs.

                                                                               Ported  Case Info & Pricing

​ They are blasted after the final porting clean-up  and look like new.

Our cases are high quality 2001 and newer with 3 gussets over the mag area. We chemically strip all paint and primer and inspect for cracks, chase all threads ,add helicoils where needed,  CNC port** and polish to Miller spects  then finish by bead blasting ready for your paint.

               Introductory price      Case set   $ 1420    November  2023,  3 more sets done

                                                               New stock cases from BRP are $1100 list price.


     Tap case for 12 mm studs , for +8 cranks and racing                                  $ 187

     8 ea 17-4 stainless oversize 12 mm studs and flanged nuts                        $ 360

     Devcon water jackets for better cooling      ( Salt water )                             $ 65

     1/8" pipe plug on both pulse fittings                                                              $ 10

     Credit for your good late model cases                                                          $ 250

** NOTE:  Crankcase opening will be substantially larger than stock.  Our big bore cylinders will match up perfectly. On unported cylinders, you may want to grind away the cylinder ledges to match our case to yours for improved performance.

12 mm studs and nuts

click to enlarge and for descriptions.

                                                                          Ported Cylinders info and Pricing 

                                   These have been bead blasted, notice the finish.

Our cylinders are high quality from 1998 on up .We chemically strip all paint and primer , inspect for cracks, chase all threads, add helicoils where needed, CNC port and polish to Miller spects then finish by bead blasting ready for your paint. We mill some off the exhaust flange to create more top end power. The cylinders perfectly match our CNC ported cases and will not match up with unmodified stock cases. Crank choices with this cylinder and our cases are stock stroke ( 78mm) 1060cc,     +2 , ( 80 mm) 1086cc,         +4 ( 82mm )  1110 cc,     and the beast  +8  ( 86 mm)1180 cc

The new" high wear" sleeves are from L A Sleeve and will contain coated  pistons of a  high wear alloy. On +4 and + 8 cranks , a spacer is installed on top of the head to contain the extra height of the stroker sleeves.  Another included  spacer goes between the cylinders and case . This lower spacer thickness is adjusted to obtain the proper squish for your  engine.

Kit will  includes sleeves , coated pistons and spacers.

                    See pics below on 3 years of wear on Ron's supercharged 1165 engine                                               

                                                                         2022 price           Cylinder ass'y.  w/ pistons              $ 4025  



     Enlarge cylinder stud holes for 12 mm studs          $ 187

     8 ea 12 mm 17-4 stainless studs                             $ 280

     Fit your Raves  by grinding in fixture                       $ 100

     Supply used Raves                                                 $  180                               

      3 piece head Gasket                                                $ 75

     Credit for your  cylinders , no cracks                         $ 50

Kansas city area                     contact: rwosel@c-rmfg.com