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Mel with his boat in California       and Ron with the boat in Kansas

The Miller / Wosel connection

. I first worked with Mel Miller in 2008 after purchasing  an XPL set up for high performance ‚Äčthat included a rare triple port 947R engine. Mel had a great performance reputation on these engines and I had him completely rebuild it with all new parts and set up to make  240 HP.   From then on we talk 1 or 2  times a week while working on EFI conversions, boosted 2 strokes and everything pertaining to the 947 based engine.  He has performed hundreds of dyno pulls and flow bench tests  on  scores of different parts and he knows what works and how much power each one makes. I have all of  Mel's info on a laptop he prepared for me.

   Since Mel's machine shop  owner has retired, I started machining items for him. He has continued to pass along his expertise as well as all drawings, dyno info, specification sheets, performance programs  and including his personal secrets that he used specifically for his personal race boat , a 1194R engine  which I purchased in 2019.    See section on  " MILLER 1200 XPL " for details on this very unique race craft.

   Also check out sections on all the Miller parts we are stocking and manufacturing to his demanding specifications.

All  of these parts are available from Ron Wosel 

Due to a failed agreement with Brad Nickerson, you can now order Miller designed heads, domes , intake spacers and coolers directly from us.     See  discounted pricing on  Head and Domes section.

                                                                 PERFORMANCE  INFO

Mel has supplied me with a clone of his performance laptop which contains hundreds of  dyno pulls of 951 based engines , from a 951cc 130 HP stock engine  up to an 1165 cc  246 HP triple port 947R big bore stroker..

It also contains many  programs  and drawings he used in developing most all the performance parts he sold and used.  I'm into that laptop at least once a week.