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583 Rotax 1995 new engine ,w/ dealer discount                         3500                                                   1500

Crank shop porting                                                                         500                                                    400                                                   

Crank Shop Twin pipes , ceramic coated                                     1400                                                   1000

Micro Belmont billet drive clutch                                                   1033                                                   700

Heavy Hitter clutch kit                                                                    230                                                    100

Kinsler 46 mm EFI throttle bodies  & fuel rail                                1200                                                   800

Injector Dynamics , 4 matched injectors  , recently rebuilt             450                                                    300

Walbro electric fuel pump kit                                                          160                                                    100

Kinsler fuel pressure regulator                                                       240                                                    120

Kinsler 10 micron fuel filter                                                             150                                                    75

Kinsler Carbon fiber air filter & dust cover                                      322                                                    160

Engine electric start kit                                                                   385                                                     175

LFX lithium battery                                                                         190                                                      75

Motec M600 W/dual  lambda and data memory                          5110                                                    3800

Motec harness / comm port & cables                                            900                                                      450

EFI sensors, MAP,Coolant,Air temp,Fuel Pressure                       340                                                      150

Nano Nitrous bottle pressure kit                                                     300                                                      250

Cryden Nitrous digital relay                                                            145                                                      100

Pulsoid nitrous solenoid                                                                  205                                                      150

Race Pak Tack/EGT recording gauge                                            500                                                      400

Skat Trak Sand tires 25 x 12 x 9 Taller haulers, Douglas rims       700                                                      500                              

Front smooth Skat Trak tires on heavy Douglas wheels                300                                                      175

Hoosier street rear tires 69 x 10 x 10 , Douglas wheels                 400                                                      300

Hoosier  street tires 57 x 6 x 10  Douglas  wheels                         300                                                      175

                                                                                                    ----------                                               ------------

​                                                                                                    18,860                                                   11955                                      

                                                                                                      Unique Features

Fully tuneable Motec EFI with dual fuel maps , one methanol, one race gas with the flip of a switch. 

​MSD 560 volt ignition

Single solenoid Digital PROGRESSIVE Nitrous system, 30 to 100 HP, extra  fuel through injectors, fully programmable

O2 sensor plus EGT's for easy tuning with data logging on both

Ball bearing swing arm with Titanium jackshaft, heavy chain and sprockets

CO2 pressure bottle and regulator keeps Nitrous bottle at 950 lbs.

In frame and muffled exhaust

Carbon fiber oversize Kinsler airbox with dust filter

Ceramic coated pipes and clutch cover

Carbon fiber covered fuel tank

Custom , no leak pipe couplers with high temp o-rings

Rotax 583 snowmobile engine bored to 600cc

Kinsler Throttle bodies with Injector Dynamics Methanol injectors

Ron's  happy with his new toy

                                                                                           more pictures below

Rotax twin 583 snowmobile engine using Wiseco's forged pistons, ceramic coated by Swain at a 15 to 1 compression ratio.

Cylinders were ported by Crank Shop, a performance snowmobile shop and has  their twin pipes matched to the porting. Expect to see 8400 rpms with Methanol and nitrous and  300 ft times in the high 3's at 78 mph.Engine has both electric and rope start. You'll appreciate the electric with the high compression. The complete engine build as well as the rest of the ATV is well documented in a 3" notebook. 

   Engine management is  a Motec M600 ECU with options for Lambda control and extra data logging memory . The ignition is an MSD DIS-2 PLUS high output ignition( 560 volts to the coils ) and adds a lot of top end power.. Four matched fuel injectors from Injector Dynamics feed the fuel. Two are located in the Kinsler 46 mm throttle bodies and the other two are machined directly into the lower crankcase.   Fuel pump , regulator and 10 micron filter are also by Kinsler.   Motec has an option of selecting 2 fuel maps with the flip of a switch, so one setting is for methanol  and the other setting is for an" end of the race day"  gasoline purge to prevent methanol corrosion.  The engine has been tuned to run perfectly smooth on gasoline. All that's necessary to change fuels is to drain the fuel using the drain valve  located at the lowest point of the fuel system.

     The unique nitrous system is controlled by the Motec ECU and has a digital solenoid and matching driver that can vary  the nitrous output throughout the run.It is programmed to start at a 30 HP amount and smoothly ramps up to 80 Hp ( 100 hp max ) over 4  seconds and is fully adjustable. The digital solenoid is designed to safely pulse the nitrous eliminating the need for different stages and multiple soleniods. The Motec ECU has been programmed to add corresponding fuel through the case injectors  to match the nitrous needs.

​    An additional high pressure CO2 bottle with regulator maintains exact pressure in the nitrous bottle at 950 lbs which allows consistent  engine performance all the way to a cold , nearly empty bottle. About 8 years ago  I helped Nano Nitrous design this system  for these small 2 lb bottles.

    The frame was built by G T Performance using chrome moly TIG welded tubing.  Another unique feature I designed is my swing arm pivot shaft with is also the jackshaft for the rear sprocket. The front of the swing arm contains high speed bearings , a titanium shaft and the 12 tooth sprocket.

This design keeps the chain at the same tension regardless of the swing arm angle plus it saves weight.

   I have all the receipts  in my notebook  as I used all new components, nothing was purchased used.

  For cost review , I am listing the larger components of the build along with the original purchase price and what these sell for at Ebay prices.


  Sell price to be determined after all parts are listed.

3.811 at 78MPH

Extra injectors machined into crankcase.

This Sand Drag ATV is for sale.

It has many unique features and more than you will find on any other sand dragger.  It was also built to be  a show machine. See below for a complete parts list.  Lot of unique items.


                You can part this out and make money, see below.

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Snowmobile CVT  billet clutch


       REDUCED from $11995 to $9950