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Perfect for a Fast Sled or Sand Drag ATV

Don't pass this up , it wont last long

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Showing Motec EFI box and wiring .

  The best way to own this engine .

Engine was in my Blade Snowmobile



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The engine has been in storage for maybe 7 years so to see  it still runs , I added a little fuel to the cylinders and the throttle bodies.

  It started on the first pull as you can see here.

900cc     Polaris Twin Engine


       Add TURBO FOR ANOTHER $1000 

               EFI eXTRA SEE BELOW    

   Here's an chance to own a high performance Polaris 900 cc engine for a snowmobile or Sand Drag ATV.  This is also a great way to have a Motec EFI system that can be used on basically any engine from a 1 cylinder 2 stroke to a 6 or 8 cylinder. Plus you'll still have a 900 cc Polaris engine running on carbs and an Aerocharger Turbo.


             Here's how and why the kit was developed

It was time to add more power to my  700 cc  Blade Snowmobile.  A 900cc big bore kit along with an adjustable compression head was purchased from PSI.  These 91 min Nikasil coated cylinders bolt directly onto a 700cc stock Polaris twin crankcase and up the power from 130 to 160 + HP. A new short block was purchased at that time. This engine was in the sled for 4 years and saw only 1-2 mountain trips per year. The $600 cylinder head adjusts from 12-1 to 15-1 compression by moving the dome area up and down, but not the squish band. Takes  5 minute to switch from pump gas to race gas.

The engine is in very  good  condition and comes with 2 new and 4 used  pistons and gaskets. See pictures below for the engine health.  Note on the leak down tests that our shop compressor will only go to about 95 lbs.  So, the leak down percentage is 5% less than shown.

 Additional new pistons and parts  are currently available from PSI 801-393-1010.

Engine comes complete with carbs, fuel pump, exhaust and several   pistons and gaskets. Ready to run.  Just to show you that is does run , we did a  start up video using EFI throttle bodies and a squirt bottle for fuel.

                        With carbs  the   above  Cost      $ 1750

Want  more power .  How   about  a  rebuilt  Aerocharger  turbo for  $ 1000

Estimated HP is 250 at 8 lbs of boost. Will do 12 lbs easily.

You can see the dyno  power a stock 700 makes with the turbo by going to the projects tab and looking at the 700 Blade turbo article

Interested in EFI?? The best way to tune a boosted engine. Tune timing and fuel while riding with optional 11 position switches.  For info on how I set up my watercraft on EFI , see 99 XPL under my SOLD column.

  For EFI, you'll need to buy a Motec M600 ECU box and  wiring harness, , plus sensors at approx. $3000.00

Other options you may want / need.

   New, never used , 32 / 50  mm Kinsler throttle bodies, set up for this engine. Includes the TPS sensor,Fuel injectors and fuel rail.

Kinsler new price $1331.00      Half price at $665.00

see Kinsler invoice copy at right.

     For more power,  the 32 mm, section of the throttle bodies can be removed to expose the 50 mm section. Larger spigots and some machining will be required.

NOTE, for the EFI set up , you'll also need a fuel pump with capacity to match the power level you choose, plus a regulator and filter.

160 HP , 100 lbs min. per hour or  17 gallons per hour

250 HP,   150 lbs. min per hour or  25 gallons per hour

PRICE for complete EFI package , everything listed above except fuel pump and regulator.

Plus , I'll include a Motec start up program for this engine. $200 value

   Total individual prices,   $7231 

   Package price,  $6350    that's the  throttle bodies and program  for free.

Plus you can use the EFI  goods on any 2 or 4 stroke engines from 1 to 6 cylinders including  Drive By Wire ,traction control, knock sensor , 2 oxygen sensors and data logging   . Upgrades  from Motec are needed for some of these.

Other options available include a MSD DIS 2 ignition system with MSD coils, EFI fuel pump , regulator and filter, and various size injectors.

And if you're interested in an EFI  already built  complete Sand Drag ATV, see the Rotax 600 ATV for sale, runs 3.8's . It has the same Motec EFI box , MSD ignition and a 100 HP  Digital progressive nitrous system. It ramps up from 30 HP at the start to 100 HP over 4 seconds and is totally adjustable.